Fern Ross

I first discovered yoga in 2007, when I first moved to London to pursue my first career as a journalist. At the time, I was working long hours and late nights, and cycling miles and miles across the capital each week. Yoga provided a welcome relief to the pressures of  the hectic newsroom. That one class had me hooked, and yoga was a constant as I worked my way up the journalism ladder.

Then, driving back to Scotland after seeing in 2015 with friends and family, my husband asked me what I wanted to do long term with my life. While I loved my role as ELLE's Associate Editor, the industry was rapidly changing and the desire to do something different had been whirring around my brain for a while. I'd dreamed about teaching yoga ever since I first set foot on the mat in that north London leisure centre, I just never thought I'd be able to be a teacher. I mean, standing up in front of a room full of strangers for a start!

But the seed had been planted and as soon as we got back to London I started looking at yoga teacher training courses. I was already a student at Stretch in East London, and they run an amazing 200-hour training with Frog Lotus Yoga that you can do part-time. Everything aligned, so I took the plunge and signed up, and in November 2015 officially qualified as a yoga teacher. It was an incredible experience, and I was fortunate enough to start teaching straight away.

My classes slowly grew and in August 2016, after much planning and inner debate, I took the plunge and left my decade-long career in journalism behind to teach full time. I can honestly say, hand on heart, it's the best decision I've ever made. I love sharing and continuing to learn about this incredible practice. 

Since then, I've gone on to qualify as a pregnancy yoga teacher with Nadia Narain and Triyoga, and completed my Yin training with the incredible Norman Blair in May this year. I undertook a six-month mentorship with the inimitable Naomi Absalom in late 2016 witnessed an unquantifiable growth in my teaching. This autumn, I will begin my advanced teacher training with Jason Crandell, again at Triyoga. I am forever indebted to all my teachers and feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from them all.

I recently relocated to Edinburgh after three wonderful years teaching full time in London, and I'm so excited to be sharing my passion with this wonderful community. Please check out my timetable here, or go to my Instagram or Facebook pages for weekly schedule updates (including all cover classes). 

If you're interested in private classes, yoga at work or producing some yoga-related content together (I love combining my passion for words with my passion for this practice), then drop me an email at info@fernrossyoga.co.uk.