Fern Ross, 200HR RYT Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher

Hi, I'm Fern, and welcome to my website. I first discovered yoga in 2007 when I moved to London to work as a journalist and was immediately hooked. Using it as a way to stretch out my muscles and counteract miles of daily cycling, I slowly began to – as many of those who initially come to yoga for the physical benefits do – find a deeper appreciation of the practice beyond the asanas, leaving each class with a calmer mind and a stronger sense of self. After years of dreaming about one day becoming a yoga teacher, I finally took the plunge in 2015, and completed my 200HR YTT with the internationally renowned Frog Lotus Yoga and East London studio Stretch London, where I have been teaching ever since.

My teaching style is dynamic yet mindful, with a focus on alignment and honouring your body and all its quirks, encouraging a mindful yet playful breath-focused practice that leaves you feeling uplifted, calm and balanced. You will definitely build up a sweat (what can I say, I love exercise and feeling both physically and mentally strong), work on strengthening your foundations, and gain confidence in your practice to fully explore just what your body and mind are capable of. I want you to leave my classes feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

When I'm not on the mat, you can find me sending the pages of ELLE magazine (where I am Associate Editor) to press, swimming laps the pool, cycling round London, climbing mountains in Scotland, eating pasta, or lying on the sofa with my beloved cat Sherlock. If you're interested in classes, 1-2-1s, corporates or anything else yoga related, contact me info@fernrossyoga