Confession: I’ve been dreaming of making these Reese’s Pieces-esque cups ever since my little sister (twin one) sent me a late night WhatsApp pic of the cups she made with actual chocolate and peanut butter. I drooled a lot, told myself it was far too late to eat chocolate, and went to sleep, before frogmarching to WholeFoods the next morning to get the ingredients to make a slightly healthier version (that's what I'm telling myself anyway). Because #yogalife, but also because I'd been wanting to make raw chocolate for a while.

After reading about a million blogs on how to make various raw chocolate infusions, experimenting with differing amounts of cacao, cacao butter, coconut oil and the like, this is the version that passed the taste test. I used almond butter, but you can use whichever nut butter floats your boat. Makes about 18 or so, depending on the size of your moulds.



100g cacao butter (I used ChocChick, available in Waitrose and Wholefoods)

70g cacao

Tablespoon coconut oil

Tablespoon of honey (or maple syrup to make it vegan, add more to taste)

Pinch sea salt

Almond butter


Scales, small pan, Pyrex bowl, silicone chocolate moulds


Place the silicone moulds on a chopping board or tray – something easy to transport them to the fridge on. Next, fill the pan with water, and place the Pyrex bowl in it to make a bain marie. Slowly bring the water to a gentle simmer, then add the cacao and coconut oil, melting it gently (the flavours are delicate so don't overheat). Once melted, stir in your cacao to form a rich liquid, then add the honey (or maple syrup) and salt. Pour the mix into the moulds until they are just over a third full, then pop into the fridge to set. Once firm (this usually takes 30-60 mins), dollop a teaspoon of almond butter into each mould, then cover with the remaining cacao mix (gently warm it if necessary). Pop the filled cases back in the fridge for an hour or so, then eat. They keep for about a week, but usually don't last that long in our house.

(Disclaminer: these pics were taken during the first test batch. I found that only using coconut oil, coupled with not making a bain marie, gave a bitter flavour. I'm freely sharing my mistakes so you don't make them and get to enjoy delicious chocolate cups!)